Monday, May 6, 2013

            Got bullies ? Well here's how bullies think: They have to make everyone's life miserable, just to make themselves feel better. Why? Well, sometimes this action could be triggered by a rough life. Trouble at home, or a tragic event, etc. Most bullies have one goal, and that's to get a reaction from you. Now, you have probably heard to just ignore them from like everyone you know. If that works, great!, but I'm not writing this blog to tell you what you've already heard. Here's what I'm telling you to do. Stand up for yourself. Now, I'm not saying to hit them back or cuss them out or say any mean things to them, just show them you are better than reacting to their hurtful jokes. Ever heard that if you are about to be attacked by a big animal, pretend to be big and it could possibly run away? Well, this is like what method I'm using. Be big. Be bigGER! Show them they have no right to be treating you like this, and you don't care about there opinion, and I'm 90% sure, if said right, will show them how silly they are to be teasing someone who could care less!

                                                                         -AETB <3